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The I&M Canal Civic Center Authority has developed funding to create an educational curricula for the Chicago Portage National Historic Site through the generous efforts of Illinois State Senator Christine Radogno and Governor George Ryan's Illinois First Fund.  The project is described below.

Educational Curricula
The Chicago Portage National Historic Site

Project Description
The I&M Canal Civic Center Authority is in the process of developing a model educational curricula for teachers and students that will educate local grade and high school students about the historic, scientific, and cultural importance of the Chicago Portage National Historic Site.  The project will create lesson plans, teaching tools, field trip activities, tests and other printed materials.

Project Goals
Local schoolchildren and students in the greater Chicago area will gain an understanding of the geological, biological, historic and cultural significance of this important site and its role in the creation of the I&M Canal, the City of Chicago and the towns surrounding the site.  This program can then serve as a model for school districts throughout the region.

Teacher training course
Teacher's Resource Packages (developed for appropriate grade levels)
   Portage Site background materials
   lesson plans integrated into the State Educational Goals
   field trip activity packages
    activity sheets
   testing materials
Project evaluation report

$150,000 total project cost
Costs include funding for:
    Educational Consultant and project management
    outreach to schools & teachers
    focus group meetings (teachers & consultant)
    teacher training
    bus rentals
    evaluation of the project

   Schoolchildren and their parents, in the areas surrounding the Chicago Portage National Historic Site, will graduate school with a greater sense of place, cultural awareness and understanding of our collective history.
   They will become better grounded in time and the reasons why this region has grown to become the largest metropolitan area in the center of our country.
   Their resulting sense of appreciation, pride and knowledge of the Portage Site will add to the growing support for full development of this key historic area and its consequent cultural and economic benefits for the entire region.