Newly installed signage interprets the Prairie for visitors

Cor-Ten steel silhouettes of Floyd Swink and Robert Betz.  
Floyd Swink introduced prairie restoration to Dr. Robert Betz at this location back in 1959.  Together they started the Prairie Restoration Movement.

A staff gauge measures the height of water in an adjacent drainage ditch as part of an ongoing hydrology study in order to understand how water moves through the prairie and to eliminate the present seasonal flooding problems caused by the Des Plaines River.

a view of the prairie in winter from the caboose's cupola

Santa Fe Railway conductors once managed the pickup, movement
and delivery of freight from this desk in the caboose.  Now it serves
volunteer stewards as they manage the restoration of the prairie.

Stan Johnson, Chairman of the Civic Center Authority, led the fight to save Santa Fe Prairie from being paved over and lost forever.

Stan Johnson receiving the plaque dedicating Santa Fe Prairie
an Illinois Nature Preserve.

Dr. Robert Betz at the dedication ceremony relating the story of his life-changing discovery of Santa Fe Prairie .

"The Santa Fe Prairie was the first real prairie I'd seen and the plant variety astounded me....That first visit with Floyd Swink was what made me decide to dedicate the next 35 years of my life to prairies.  He transmitted his excitement as he found each rare prairie plant.  I began speaking to groups about saving our vanishing prairies from people's living rooms to major conferences."