.......preserving the I&M Canal

The opening of the I&M Canal in 1848 made Chicago the major city in the midwest.  Long years of abuse and neglect have resulted in its present deteriorated condition in our communities.

The photo above shows one effort to remove debris from the Canal. With the help of the IDNR, nearly 100 logs were removed from this spot in the village of Justice.

Volunteers organized by the Civic Center Authority
feel a deep sense of satisfaction as they view the
results of their work (shown below).

The Civic Center Authority promotes restoration of the canal to support its full potential for
   recreational use
   as a historic site
   to help eliminate flooding in the area
   as a tourist attraction.

Actions to achieve these goals:
   cleanup of debris in the canal prism
   complete a watershed study to reduce the siltation of the canal and improve the natural flow of the canal
   alleviate flooding problems in nearby villages
   restore the canal back to a navigable waterway for non-motorized small craft

Our efforts have recently begun to pay off by working with Congressman William Lipinski who provided funding for the Army Corps of Engineers to begin work on the Canal's rejuvenation.   The ACOE has completed the first stage of the project...a  "Preliminary Restoration Plan".