The Civic Center Authority recruits, organizes and directs the efforts of volunteers in a number of projects and events:

   At Santa Fe Prairie volunteer stewards work to restore the prairie and staff the Caboose as a visitor center every Saturday between 10am and 2pm.  Call Prairie Stewards Gregg Starr or Karen Stasky at 708-598-6139
   Our Bedford Park Visitor Center is open regular hours during the week and entirely staffed by volunteers.

   The I&M Rendezvous is almost entirely organized, produced and managed by a large number of volunteers.  

   The Civic Center Authority sponsors the Friends of the Chicago Portage organization that leads tours, does ecological restoration work, clean-ups, organizes events and promotes the appropriate development and historic interpretation of the Chicago Portage National Historic Site.  Contact Gary Mechanic at 773-590-0710 or at gary@chicagopaddling.org